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Become a digital hand

We treat our team members with integrity, kindness and respect. Always.

Our clients require us to match them with someone they would do a chefs kiss to being matched with. For this reason, our recruitment process is thorough because we want the best talent for our clients, because they truly are the best. We also want to ensure you love working with your new boss as much as they love working with you.

rubix cube digital assistant

Being a digital hand comes with perks

Working for Digital Hand is known to be a pleasant experience for all because we give you a hand in being the best you can be. High five to that! Interact with the cards below to reveal some perks.

Gain access to our resources to level up your roster of knowledge in areas you're interest in the most

Free training

Get access to personal 1-on-1 coaching with a personal development mentor

Personal Development

We will only pair you with our client if you're a true match

True Matches

Enjoy a fair work life balance with our flexible scheduling

Flexible Hours

If you feel you'd be a great fit for Digital Hand, apply below.
Job Role
Please select your skills (only select those you are proficient in as you may be tested)
Programs you are proficient in:
Have you previously worked for a company in North America?
Are you currently employed elsewhere?
Yes (full-time)
Yes (part-time)
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